What Makes Gator Magnetics: The Science behind the Strength

What Makes Gator Magnetics: The Science behind the Strength

Karen Bewshea |

Magnetic hooks promise to support significant weights, but often fail to deliver when put to the test. This discrepancy arises from a misunderstanding of pull force versus shear force, and the limitations of traditional neodymium magnets.

Pull force, typically advertised on magnetic hook packaging, refers to the force required to pull the magnet off a thick steel surface. However, this scenario rarely reflects real-world usage, where hooks need to support weight perpendicular to the floor, requiring shear force.

Traditional neodymium magnets, with their large looping magnetic fields, struggle to provide adequate shear force on common thin steel surfaces found in homes and garages. Gator Magnetics revolutionises this with its patented easy release system and Polymagnet technology.

Gator Magnetics employs specially designed north and south pole dots, known as "Maxels," arranged in proprietary patterns to create shorter magnetic fields. This innovation vastly improves adherence to thin steel surfaces and significantly increases shear force.

Despite its impressive holding power, Gator Magnetic Hooks remain effortlessly movable, thanks to their patented easy release lever chassis. Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn hooks and damaged surfaces—experience the efficiency and convenience of Gator Magnetics. Happy hanging!