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The Most Versatile and Efficient Storage Solution Available in the Market

Discover unparalleled magnetic solutions at Gator Magnetics.  Delivering cutting-edge magnetic technology designed to meet a diverse range of residential and commercial use.

These unique magnets, equipped with an Easy-Release Lever System, offer exceptional load capacities on various steel surfaces. Gator's meticulously crafted components ensure optimal performance, providing unmatched shear weight load capacities.”

Gators Patented Technology

The Gator solution involves designing and programming patterns of north and south poles, known as Polymagnet "MAXELS" (a combination of "magnets" and "pixels"), on one surface of each neodymium magnet. Additionally, the patented Easy-Release Lever System has been perfected and optimized for the Gator solution.

Every component of the Gator, from the chassis to the easy-off lever, shunt plate, TPE, coatings, wire, and magnet, is meticulously designed and optimized to work seamlessly together, resulting in the Gator boasting incredible shear weight load capacities.

The Science Behind Gator

The Gator Magnet

Traditional magnets have North and South poles on opposite sides of the magnet creating a large looping magnetic field that loses energy and is inefficient.

In contrast, the Gator Magnet utilises a proprietary technology that generates magnetic fields using Polymagnet "Maxels" – a fusion of "magnets" and "pixels" – arranged in distinct patterns. This arrangement creates numerous shorter magnetic fields, significantly amplifying the strength of the Gator magnet compared to conventional ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of steel do Gator Hooks work on?

Most any thin steel that is commonly found in a home, garage, workshop, office, warehouse, storage shed walls, etc.

Examples include: Toolboxes, steel cabinets, racks, workshop tables, freezer, refrigerator, steel doors, furnace, washing machine, dryer, steel vehicles, tractor, file cabinets, lockers, and many more.

What do Gator Hooks not work on?

Aluminum surfaces will not accept a magnetic force & Higher grades of stainless steel do not accept a magnetic force.

What thickness is required for the magnet hooks to work?

Our Gator Magnetics Hook technology is designed to work on thin steel like 18 ga., which is the average thickness of a toolbox. It can work on most any thickness of steel.

How should I prepare a steel surface to get the most out of my Gator Hook?

Best performance will occur when the surface is wiped with a rubbing alcohol to clean off any grease or residue, and air dried.

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